Sunday, 18 October 2009

Street Funk

Hermanos Macana: Their sound drew me to them. I listened, entranced like the other street walkers who stopped to form the growing semi-circle. It wasn't even just the sound, their whole vibe was contagious. They had so much energy to go along with their funky, jazzy music. I asked the girl, who seemed to be with their crew after she handed the trumpeter some chapstick during a break, who this band was and where else they play. Over the music, I think I understood that they really don't have a technical line up of songs in order to be 'good enough' to play at some other location. I see it. These guys just want to play music. Play they do, they Jam. They're happy with the street, and it seems to me they really don't have any burning desire to make anything official (also apparent from their myspace page: Maybe one day they will. For now, they'll stick to the street Florida on Saturdays and give a gift wrapped with a big bow to anyone who will listen.

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