Sunday, 18 October 2009

Loser Wins

These guys just up and set up shop in San Telmo next to this mini-garden. Hilarious that the one guy's shirt says Loser on it, but what a wonderful idea. I contemplated asking to take one of them on for a quick minute but decided not to interrupt directly and just snap photos instead. They asked me to send them the pictures.. Che, here you go.

Peron is definitely one of the controversial figures from Argentina's history. This quote loosely means: it's better to have less talk, more action, less promises, more action.

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  1. The word 'loser' became kind of popular a couple of years ago because of an Argentinean show host called Petinatto. He used this word very often while making an L sign with his hand, and pronounced the word as it would sound if it were a Spanish word, on purpose. By the way, he played the sax in that band called SUMO. He's an Argentinean sort of Craig Ferguson or D. Letterman in my opinion.